• To reduce worker exposure to nanomaterials, follow workplace design recommendations May 10, 2018
    Earlier this year, the U.S. National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health released new nanotechnology design recommendations to help reduce worker exposure to nanomaterials. “Workers in industries that use or make these uniquely engineered nanomaterials may inhale nanoparticles on a daily basis, posing a potential respiratory hazard,” NIOSH says in […]
  • Aging equipment, vulnerability, near misses, runaway reactions, and natural disasters in process safety newsletters May 9, 2018
    From AIChE’s “Process Safety Beacon” newsletters so far this year: Aging facilities and infrastructure – “Aging does not necessarily relate to how old a facility or piece of equipment might be. It is really about how well it has been operated and maintained.” Maintain a sense of vulnerability – Understand the hazards of your process […]Related Posts:Process […]
  • Azidophenylalanine poses explosion risk May 7, 2018
    From C&EN a few weeks ago: Azidophenylalanine poses explosion risk, written by Carmen Drahl The unnatural amino acid 4-azido-l-phenylalanine (shown, left) carries an explosion risk, a new study shows (J. Org. Chem. 2018, DOI: 10.1021/acs.joc.8b00270). The azide group isn’t found in biology, which makes it handy for attaching probes to biomolecules. The a […]
  • Tuesday #chemsafety at #ACSNOLA March 20, 2018
    Today at the ACS National Meeting in New Orleans: CHAS: Water Supply Safety 9:00 AM Grand Salon D Sec 21, Hilton New Orleans Riverside Introductory Remarks Waukesha water: Bridging the divide Laboratory safety is impacted by changes in water quality Iron as an indicator of water system corrosion and compromised disinfection: Argument for regulating iron […]R […]
  • Monday #chemsafety at #ACSNOLA March 19, 2018
    Today at the ACS National Meeting in New Orleans: CINF: Community Sharing of Chemical Safety Data: Yes, No, Maybe? 8:20 AM River Bend 1, New Orleans Marriott Convention Center What’s all this fuss about data sharing? In search of improved laboratory safety Promoting safety culture through sharing – a Dow perspective Chemical and laboratory safety: […]Related […]
  • Sunday #chemsafety at #ACSNOLA March 18, 2018
    Today at the ACS National Meeting in New Orleans: Integrating Research & Safety 1:30 PM Grand Salon D Sec 21, Hilton New Orleans Riverside The psychology of developing a positive chemical safety culture in academic research labs Survey of chemist exposure to VOCs from solvent cabinets Study of safer storage and handling of graphene oxide […]Related Posts […]
  • Coming soon to a smartphone near you: Goggles, lab coat, and fire extinguisher February 13, 2018
    Some time ago, my brilliant C&EN colleague Jessica Morrison hatched a plan to develop emoji for chemists. With the help of Yang Ku and Sam Lemonick, chemoji were born. And later this year, they’ll become part of the standard set–along with a few other science items, redheaded and curly-haired people, superheroes and heroines, and yarn. […]Related Posts:U […]
  • Help build the Chemical Safety Library! October 4, 2017
    Scour your memory, lab notebooks, or the literature to find reaction safety information to enter into the Chemical Safety Library, a database tool that chemists may use to share information and avoid repeating dangerous events. To expand the library, the nonprofit that developed it is holding a two-week datathon from Oct. 17 to 31. The Pistoia Alliance launc […]
  • “Expertise is deeply gratifying, but it is also a potential trap” October 3, 2017
    From last week’s issue of C&EN, some lessons learned by ACS President Allison A. Campbell following a bicycle crash in Washington, D.C., and how they relate to laboratory safety: Since I regularly ride near my home in Washington state, I know the trails there quite well, including the overall quality, locations of potholes, and other […]Related Posts:Upd […]
  • Safety Zone live today at #ACSDC August 23, 2017
    Today at 12:30 PM Eastern, join me for a Facebook live discussion with ACS President-elect Peter K. Dorhout of Kansas State University about safety issues in chemistry. Head to C&EN’s Facebook page and like us so you don’t miss it!Related Posts:Monday #chemsafety at #ACSNOLAJournal of Chemical Health & Safety, July-August issueHelp build the Chemical […]


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